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Welcome to GoMortgage. We are proud to be the leading mortgage broker in Preston. Our team is committed to helping you navigate the often complex world of mortgages with ease and confidence. Our mission is to simplify the mortgage process, making it as clear and stress-free as possible, so you can understand every step of your journey.

Our team of skilled mortgage brokers has extensive experience and expertise. They stay up-to-date with the latest market trends and policies, ensuring you receive the most accurate and relevant advice. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, looking to remortgage, or interested in a buy-to-let investment, we provide tailored guidance to meet your specific needs and financial circumstances.

At GoMortgage, personalised service is at the heart of what we do. We take the time to get to know your unique situation and aspirations, crafting a mortgage strategy that aligns perfectly with your goals. When you choose GoMortgage as your mortgage broker, you’re not just getting expert advice; you’re partnering with a dedicated team committed to securing the best mortgage solution for your future.

For more information, fill in our online contact form or to speak to a member of our team today, you can call us on 01253 935050 or email a member of our team:

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Benefits Of Using A Mortgage Broker

Personalised Service: A mortgage broker takes the time to understand your unique financial situation, including income, expenses, credit history, and long-term objectives. This personalised approach ensures the mortgage solution is perfectly suited to your needs.

Access to Exclusive Deals: Brokers have access to a wide array of mortgage products from multiple lenders, including exclusive deals not available directly to the public. This increases your chances of securing the best mortgage terms and rates.

In-Depth Market Expertise: Mortgage brokers possess extensive knowledge of the mortgage market, including current trends, regulations, and lender criteria. This expertise ensures you receive accurate and tailored advice that fits your financial goals.

Time and Effort Savings: Navigating the mortgage market can be complex and time-consuming. A mortgage broker handles all the legwork, including research, paperwork, and negotiations, saving you valuable time and effort.

Increased Approval Odds: Mortgage brokers know what lenders look for in an application. They can help you present your financial situation in the best light, increasing your chances of mortgage approval.

Long-Term Financial Planning: Beyond securing a loan, brokers assist with long-term financial planning. They ensure your mortgage aligns with your future financial strategies and goals.

Navigating Market Pitfalls: The mortgage market can be fraught with pitfalls, such as hidden fees and unfavourable terms. A broker helps you avoid these issues by clearly explaining the terms and ensuring you fully understand your mortgage.

Reduced Stress: Finding and securing a mortgage can be stressful. A mortgage broker provides peace of mind by managing the complexities and looking out for your best interests.

Ongoing Support: Even after your mortgage is secured, brokers offer continued support. They can assist with any issues and provide advice on future financial decisions related to your mortgage.

Financial Savings: Professional mortgage advice can lead to significant financial benefits, including saving money on interest payments and reducing overall monthly mortgage costs by securing the best terms.

Choosing GoMortgage as your mortgage broker in Preston ensures well-informed decisions, access to the best deals, and a smoother, more efficient home-buying process. Contact us today to start your journey towards the perfect mortgage solution.

Why Choose GoMortgage?

Navigating the mortgage market can be challenging, but with GoMortgage, you have a dedicated partner by your side. Here’s why GoMortgage stands out as the premier choice mortgage broker in Preston:

Expert Knowledge and Experience: Our team at GoMortgage boasts extensive experience in the mortgage industry, staying current with market trends, regulations, and lender requirements. This expertise allows us to provide you with precise, tailored advice that aligns perfectly with your financial goals.

Excellent Customer Care: Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our commitment to delivering an exceptional service is reflected in our many 5-star reviews. We strive to make the mortgage process as smooth and stress-free as possible, keeping you informed and confident at every step.

Personalised Service: Understanding that every client’s financial situation is unique, we take the time to thoroughly assess your circumstances and long-term goals. This enables us to offer bespoke mortgage solutions that are specifically designed to meet your needs.

Increased Approval Odds: Our in-depth knowledge of what lenders seek in an application allows us to present your financial situation in the most favourable light, significantly increasing your chances of mortgage approval.

Time and Effort Savings: The mortgage process can be overwhelming and time-consuming. We manage all aspects, from research and paperwork to negotiations, saving you valuable time and effort and simplifying the entire process.

Stress Reduction: By handling the complexities of securing a mortgage, we provide you with peace of mind, ensuring that you feel confident and supported throughout your home-buying journey.

Ongoing Support: Our commitment to you doesn’t end once your mortgage is secured. We offer continuous support, assisting with any future issues and providing advice on subsequent financial decisions related to your mortgage.

Choosing GoMortgage as your mortgage broker in Preston means partnering with a team dedicated to securing the best mortgage solutions for you. Contact us today on 01253935050 to start your journey towards finding the perfect mortgage.

Why Choose GoMortgage
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Frequently Asked Questions (Mortgage Broker FAQ’s)

Q1: What does a mortgage broker do? A: A mortgage broker acts as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders. They help you find the best mortgage deals by comparing various products, guiding you through the application process, and handling all necessary paperwork and negotiations.

Q2: Why should I use a mortgage broker instead of going directly to the lenders? A: Mortgage brokers have access to a wide range of mortgage products from multiple lenders, including exclusive deals not available directly to the public. They provide personalised advice, save you time, and increase your chances of approval by presenting your application in the best light.

Q3: How do mortgage brokers get paid? A: Mortgage brokers are typically paid a commission by the lender once your mortgage is approved and finalised. Some brokers may also charge a fee for their services, which will be disclosed upfront.

Q4: Can a mortgage broker help if I have bad credit? A: Yes, mortgage brokers can assist clients with bad credit by finding specialised lenders willing to offer bad credit mortgages. They can provide advice on improving your credit score and help you secure a mortgage with favourable terms.

Q5: How long does it take to get a mortgage through a broker? A: The timeline can vary, but typically, it takes between 4 to 8 weeks from application to approval. Brokers streamline the process by managing paperwork and negotiations, speeding up the approval process.

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